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Veronica Stevenson, Producer

027 448 3036

Dob in a mate

We're on the hunt for a character and their project we can film and document through to completion. The series will follow a car and its owner as they are restored and reinvented – transforming them from fossil fuels to fully electric!

The costs of restoration and electrification will be either fully, or mostly covered by the producers. 

We want a car with a history - perhaps an ex racer that hasn’t seen the road since its glory days? Perhaps it can’t be fixed, but can’t be let go? Maybe it was a family member's dream to see it on the road and they’re no longer able to make it happen?

The purpose of the series is to celebrate the love people have for their classic cars. To revel in their mechanical prowess and give the electric vehicle movement some much needed sex-appeal. Because let's face it - they don’t make cars like they used to!

If you know someone that has a car with a story to tell, please get in touch. Please tell us a bit about the car, its history, its owner and why it deserves to be restored. Please also include the make, model and any alterations the car has had. Pictures or videos would be great too.