Veronica STEVENSon - Managing Director

Stories about science and technology are Veronica’s creative passion. Armed with a BSc in Anatomy and Reproductive Biology, and a Masters in Science Communication – telling them is her forte. 

Veronica works with academics to translate their research for investment and towards a market need. She is an experienced practitioner and has worked in the film industry for over ten years on productions such as Loading Docs film ‘Wilbur Force’ (NZ International Film Festival, 2015; arts documentary TV series ‘The Gravy’; and on the National Maritime Museum commission on Sir Peter Blake ‘Blue Water, Black Magic’. 




Susan began her career as an applied scientist in the fields of Ecology and Phylogenetics (the evolutionary relationships between species). Inspired by the stories within her research she switched focus and completed diplomas in screen media and science communication filmmaking.

The caliber of Susan’s work was immediately recognised, with her graduate film ‘Beneath the Surface’ being sold to Māori television in 2014. Her work in the fast paced world of broadcast television: ‘Wild 24’ and ‘Wild Antarctica’, co-productions between National Geographic Wild and NHNZ; episodes of ‘Giant Panda’ a co-production with NHNZ, Animal Planet, France 5 and CCIC. 



Brandon is a graphic designer with a Masters in Science Communication, he has exceptional technical ability, a diverse style, and outstanding attention to detail. He has worked with The Royal Society of New Zealand, Ahika Consulting, Beyond Orokonui, Science Communication Association of NZ, and others on various science communication and design projects.

Brandon is a valuable asset to anyone seeking to communicate complex concepts with clean, concise graphics and websites.




Patrick Roberts - Cinematographer

Patrick has a BSc in Geology and Biological Sciences and a Masters in Science Communication and Film. He has been a filmmaker, cinematographer, editor, and photographer for over three years. His projects have been varied, including working as DOP of the short films ‘Gris’ and 'The Rifle' and on numerous television documentaries, and advertising campaigns mainly in the science and technology sector.

His love of filmmaking stems from the desire to gain a deeper understanding through the stories that people tell about their lives and the world we live in. Patrick’s artistic eye is refreshingly original and instinctual in nature. He has a deep love for tinkering in the technical ensuring he takes advantage of the unique perspectives that modern digital techniques can offer. 


Do you have mad skills in the creative communication of science and technology?